Nerd School Musikvideo

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Das neue Musikvideo der befreundeten Band Nerd School bei dem ich die Kamera geführt habe. Viel Spass!

Hier die offizielle Ankündigung der Band: We are so happy to intruduce our new music vídeo for “flames burn” • We like to thank everyone that took part on it and supported us while shooting: Linda M., Olga B., Ralf B., Tobi K., Linda J., Dani K., and of course Harry Chestwig and our camera-firefighter-man Stefan Bünnig. Everything was filmed in an abandoned house in Berlin in VERY cold night last winter and we tried to shoot as long as we could before we got deep frozen, all to create this little surreal nighttrip. Hope you like the pic and if you do, share it generously!